Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Please think twice before investing in Cuba!

Cuba is on fashion now. After 57 years of dictatorship americans want to go there, enjoy the amazing weather and the warm people, people with nothing material but with lots of love to give...

Cubans are unique, and the charm of our people is making Americans fall in love with the idea of going there to visit, and even some of them to invest.
As a business woman I am very worried about my own colleges who are thinking about investing big money on the island. Thinking that a wrong decision could cost you your whole life of savings.
Is it really worth to investing in Cuba?
Have you guys ever thought about the risk of investing in the wrong place at the wrong time?
Cuba is a country that is owned by one man and his team, who stole the property from their owners in 1959 to today. But land does not depreciate and legally was taken away from the original owners, who will go back the day that Cubans wake up and fight for their freedom. 
The day is getting closer so I will strongly suggest for you to do the math before signing any contract, that will put at risk your finances and could destroy your entire life.
The Castro revolution has been one of the biggest macroeconomic mistakes in the history of human kind.
My professional business suggestion is:
Please, think twice before investing in Cuba!

Vanessa Alonso
January 16/2016

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